Monday, August 17, 2009

I'm a SENIOR now

I can't believe my baby is a senior...It seems like just yesterday I was holding her in my arms...rocking and singing to her. Now a beautiful young women. Senior at Mesa High last of our Kids. Varisity Cheerleader and a cute one if I say so my self. Full of life likes to have fun. Wishes you a year full of new adventures and lots of fun!!! love you lots!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

HUG...HUG who wants a hug...
ME ME ME...miss those HUGS already
Presenting....ELDER JARVIS
morning of Aug 12, 2009 ready to report to the MTC

JD and Tyler

Charlie.. JD..Tyler
thanks for getting up so early to support JD

JD and Conner

JD and Brady

Jodi and JD

Josh, Amber and Braiden with JD

Braiden and JD

Jason, Kristy, Brady, Conner, Casey and Yettie with JD
No good byes Just see you in 2... we miss you already love you

as Alexis watched JD's plane taxi out... with a sad face she asked "who's going to call me Yettie"

shoe shine lesson ... day before JD left
Josh, Amber and Braiden
living in Texas now were able to drive out to spend time with JD
18 long hours...thank you both

Hug from cousin Chad


what more can I say

Monday August 10th 2009 day with Jd

SKY DIVING...yes I said Sky Diving!!!

JD, Josh, Kristy and I went. oh my gosh it was the neatest thing.

Flying like a bird is the greatest!!!!!

first thing I said when we landed was "when do we get to do this again" JD answer "in 2" so its planned. I can't wait...anyone want to come with us let me know... its the coolest thing!!!!

then off to the lake...tubing ...swimming...laughs...tons of fun

then home .. eat and off to bowling

lets just say a day of fun...we were all tired by the end of the night and sore

fun day we all had spending with JD


I FEEL GOOD............JD (face)

Night of wii bowling...guess who won

JD & Kristy

brothers...sisters are the best

fun to spend the whole weekend with family

just being together

what more could I ask for...

Nieces and Nephews
all 13

did not know we had such talent....rock band all night long

fun night... sorry about the noise

G-pa and G-ma Riggs

JD farewell July 26th

What a special day... the spirit was so strong. JD talked about his two best friend...Andrew and Travis and what a example they have been to him. Talked about faith and how with faith anything is possible. Talked about the temple and his experience... on how he loves to go and feel the spirit, the peace when he is there. He shared his testimony of the gospel and how he can't wait to share that with others on his mission. His sisters sang "In the Hollow of thy Hand" they sounded like angels. We knew this was a older but when Kristy, Nacole and Jenny were young this was a song on a tape that we listen to every sunday morning getting ready for church. The girls would always say "we want to sing this for our brother when he goes on a mission" so it's a special song. JD is a special young man that we know will touch many lives...he has touch ours.
What a special day for our family...we love you JD proud of you!

I love my missionary!!

Proud parents...need I say more

what would life be without friends...known eachother since they were in diapers


We love Uncle JD


Birthday dinner at Red Robbin

Hamburger...french fries...Dr. Pepper
what more could a boy ask for?
Then off for a night of bowling
YES I love that boy!!

Happy Happy B-Day to me...
Wow what a surprize to come home from girls camp...enter the house to the sound of 50's music, jute box, pink jackets, rolled up pants and bobby socks. You get the picture...5o's theme ummmm I wonder why.
All with subs, shirley temples, rootbeer floats and popcorn!!
Gifts of all gifts... a puzzle of all my grandkids

"Your turning 50"

They had a little program: "Things older than G-ma"
This is what my grandkids can up with pictures and all...
hands, grandpa, earth, dirt, car, fire, flowers, trees, dog, star wars, sun.
It was all so cute we had a good laugh
Then all my kids did a little acting to songs like ..."Its My Party"..."Leader of the Pack"(with JD on a motor bike) ..."Happy Birthday" (by New Kids)... grandkids dance to the "Twist"...lets just say it was best!!Big surprize ... Josh flew home
I have the best family ever... thanks to them I did'nt mind turning 50
love you all thanks for a fun night I won't forget!!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Proud boy going on a Mission!
Hug of Excitiment from a sister

More Hugs

Where will JD Go?

Mission call in Hand

Proud moment with words from his dad...

"Proud of YOU Son"

As you can tell we aren't excited or nothing Ha we all couldn't wait to hear where and when. With Family and friends gather. Josh in Texas, Jenny in Flagstaff weren't able to be with us so Kristy and Nacole had them on the phone...testing...testing can you hear me now...we waited ...JD began to read "You are hereby called to serve as a missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. You are assigned to labor in theKentucky Louisville Mission." WOW its real my little boy is going on a mission, I can't believe it here time goes by so fast. How proud I am of JD for the good young man he is, for choosing to serve his Heavenly Father. I know that there are people that only JD will be able to touch, many that are waiting just for him. I love you JD thank you for being my son.

JD leaves August 12, 2009

Haaaaaaaa....I'm going